Anika Nilles - For A Colorful Soul - CD


NOTICE: due to covid-19 some countries can not be delivered at the moment.

Anika Nilles and Nevell are back again with a brand new 10-track album titled „for a colorful soul“. Staying true to the unique sound they established with their previous songs, their work remains bigger than the proverbial “box” and can only be categorised as being in a class of its own. The sound of Nevell is a melting pot of numerous influences ranging from Jazz, Funk, Rock, Pop, and anything in-between, held together with a strong focus on the drum beats and synth tones. With the fusion of so many musical styles, „For a colorful soul“ really serves to portrait the immense talent of each member in Nevell, and also makes room for a guest appearance by the acclaimed Percussionist Nate Werth (known for his work with ‘Snarky Puppy’ and ‘Ghost-Note’) on the tracks “Dark Chocolate” and “the Age”. But, more importantly, the album is rounded off with really catchy themes and some beautifully melodic soloing, making these songs likely to resonate with any listener, regardless of their musical background.